‘Don Jon’ Movie Review


I saw this movie about three weeks ago and have discussed it with other advance screeners to find out if they felt the same as I did. Most of the people I talked to liked the movie; only a few didn’t. I’m amongst the few that didn’t like this movie. Yes, the premise is about a man who is addicted to watching porn. I was totally negatively distracted by all the porn in the movie, therefore, I couldn’t connect to the character having an addiction… a sex addiction. There are a few funny family scenes that Tony Danza is in. In the end the main character learns the true meaning of love making.

1 star out of 5
R 90 mins. – Comedy | Drama

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2 thoughts on “‘Don Jon’ Movie Review”

  1. Well I had the pleasure of attending a screening of “Don Jon” earlier this week in Royal Oak, Michigan and I thought the movie was better than I was expecting. Funny adult humor and probably real life situations for some people in this world.

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