‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Movie Review

The Wolf

Wow, that’s what I thought the whole time while watching this film. I was totally captivated from beginning to end – all 3 hours! This film is NOT for anyone who will be offended by “anything”. If you’re a “religious” person, this is not the film for you. Raw, raunchy, over-the-top, and sinful behavior is mostly what this film is about and it’s depicted quite well. In my opinion, this is Leonardo DiCaprio’s best performance to date! I loved him in ‘Titanic’ yet this is a totally different kind of film. Good chemistry and acting by an ensemble cast (honorable mention of Jonah Hill). This film is depicted from a TRUE story about the life of Jordan Belfort. Leonardo definitely deserves all award nominations for his portrayal of Jordan and I hope he wins the Oscar. ALERT: This film is NOT for children or teenagers that accompany adults that you don’t want exposed to what will be shown on screen.

4.5 stars out of 5
R 180 mins. – Biography | Comedy | Crime
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