‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ Movie Review

Jack Rya

A good enough terrorist movie for me, lol. I’m a Chris Pine fan so I’d follow him in any genre he delves into. Not the best terrorist film I’ve seen yet it held my attention especially with some good action scenes. Portions of the movie are depicted from Dearborn, MI In theatres now.

3 stars out of 5
PG 13 105 min – Action | Mystery | Thriller

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‘Ride Along’ Movie Review

Ride Along

A definite attempt to start a new comic duo that are policemen. For me there are a few laugh out loud moments in this mediocre storyline. I totally have enjoyed past Will Packer produced movies, as well as, movies Tim Story has directed (they are definitely a dynamic duo behind the scenes) yet this film falls short with the storyline that has a great cast (Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, Tika Sumpter, John Leguizamo). If there’s a sequel, let’s hope for a better script. If you’re looking to have a movie outing for some laughs, catch this movie…don’t expect anything more. BTW, it was #1 at the box office last weekend defying critics bad rating of it. 2014 seems to be the year of Kevin Hart films….a year his fans have been waiting for.

3 stars out of 5
PG-13 99 min – Action; Comedy

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