‘The Single Moms Club’ Movie Review

Single Moms Club banner

This movie has the potential to be a sequel and a first-ever trilogy (of the same title) for Tyler Perry yet he drops the ball in his writing and directing. The storyline is mediocre and needed more development especially for seasoned actress, Nia Long who co-stars in the film (along with her son Massai Z. Dorsey who portrays her son in the movie). Cocoa Brown and Terry Crew’s characters give us the comedy when it’s needed. There’s a poignant scene in the film that I loved…having a support team/girlfriends/social club to have your back in the good and the bad. No matter how strong a woman is, there are times when she needs to “hear” this from her friends. I would like to see a sequel to this title with a better storyline. I also thought there were too many long pauses in the movie that reminded me of Tyler’s ‘Haves/Have Not’ soap-opera drama series (which I do like).

(a generous) 3 Stars out of 5
PG-13 111 min – Comedy | Drama

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