‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Movie Review

Xmen a banner 2

This is pretty much another Marvel superhero movie…that’s fine because I give it a thumbs up! It’s a little long because the first hour builds up the storyline. Some familiar faces and new faces as the X-Men…it’s always fun to see the characters younger (of course, one fave makes a cameo at his current age). I saw it in RealD 3D and it was pretty good. Don’t forget…stay until the screen turns BLACK…there’s an end credit scene (which I really didn’t get or like, lol). Sophie Turner does a great job as a young Jean (I’m always happy to see #GOT actors on the big screen).

4.5 stars out of 5
PG-13 | 144 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy | 27 May 2016

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