‘The Last Dance’ via ESPN


No matter what your age was in the late 80’s-90’s, if you understood basketball then you know it was the best of basketball! I so enjoyed this documentary that is mostly narrated by the legendary Michael Jordan. I am a Detroiter and an original fan of the “bad boys” days of basketball that the Detroit Pistons created. As much as I love the City of Chicago, our hearts were crushed when the Bulls finally were able to overcome the Pistons to go to the NBA finals (which ended our 3-peat journey). The Pistons had to overcome the Celtics to get to the finals so it was inevitable that the Bulls with Michael Jorden would defeat us. I was little beside myself as the Pistons weren’t mentioned until episode 3 or 4? I know there still seems to be friction between Isaiah Thomas/Zeke and Jordan. I also enjoyed getting to know Jordan’s personality then and now. He really shows how motivated he was to become the champ he is now; there were emotional parts and episode 9 was emotional for more. Overall, the documentary doesn’t flow entirely with the timeline as it jumps all around. I really did enjoy this memory lane of the best era of basketball, especially for me a woman, lol. I watched all teams play during that era and I knew the best players and even the bench athletes, lol. Enjoy! P.S. I heard that ABC will air this 10-part documentary soon; I viewed via ESPN. P.S.S. I never write this much for a review, so you know I must have enjoyed it.

5 stars out of 5
TV-MA | 1h | Documentary, Biography, History | TV Series (2020)
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