‘The Batman’ Movie Review

I had heard only blah-blah reviews, yet I was entertained even with there being a plethora of Batman movies. I thought Pattinson owned the character as did Zoe. Long movie yet again it was decent. I viewed it in IMAX and play to see it in Dolby. Now, the end credit scene is not worth staying for and proves why Marvel gets the comic book movies right and DC usually does not, smh, SPOILER: the screen will just say goodbye!

P.S. I went to see #TheBatman again tonight (Friday) in Dolby (great experience as well); I will now say that I enjoy Pattinson at the Batman (not so much as Bruce Wayne)! He does a great job and has good chemistry with Zoe (Cat Woman). The action scenes are good; the end credit scene is still sucky, IJS. I have upgraded my stars from 3.5 to 4 (probably should be 4.5 but I’m a Marvel fan 😉

4 stars out of 5



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