‘Ruthless’ Streaming Series


This is a another television series created by Tyler Perry. A spinoff from ‘The Oval’ that airs on the B.E.T. network this series is about a cult that specifically kidnaps children of parents on their compound. The pilot episode aired on B.E.T. to tease viewers to subscribe to B.E.T. Plus streaming service where this series airs (1-week free trial). I was curious to find out more so I watched the final seven episodes on the streaming service. Held my attention and it’s possibly a series I would like to keep up with (Season 1 – 8 episodes approx. 40 minutes each). Mature episodes.

2 stars out of 5
TV-MA | Drama | TV Series (2020
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‘Sex Tape’ Movie Review

Sex Tape

A couples “sexual fantasy” good idea goes awry is what this film is about. Funny and a few laugh out loud moments. Good casting as the characters do have chemistry. Definitely not for children; Cameron has her first (and second) on screen nude bottom scenes. The “tape” is finally shown at the end of the movie.

3.5 stars out of 5
R 94 min – Comedy
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‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Movie Review

300 Banner

Once again ‘300’ brings it with lots of gory fighting scenes. I’m a fan of the original film which really launched Gerald Butler’s career. Because his character died in the original film he didn’t seek nor want the sequel to try and reprise his character. Answers to how a couple characters in the original film came to be are answered in the sequel. There’s a new strong character introduced named, Artemisia, that holds her own. I did see it in 3D and it was ok. Strong sexual content and gory scenes.

3 stars out of 5
R 102 min – Action | Drama | War

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‘Her’ Movie Review

HER banner

On one hand I’d say this movie has a totally unique spin to a storyline; on the other hand I’d say it’s weird. I’m gonna go with the weird hand. There’s a 1970’s wardrobe vibe going on in a high-tech 22nd Century world. Scarlett Johansson does a good job as the voice of, Samantha. A challenging role since she’s never seen…she’s an O.S. (operating system). Some humor; strong sexual dialogue (in case adults are thinking of taking teenagers). Not worth checking out in my opinion wait for cable.

2 stars out of 5
R 126 mins – Comedy | Drama | Romance

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‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Movie Review

The Wolf

Wow, that’s what I thought the whole time while watching this film. I was totally captivated from beginning to end – all 3 hours! This film is NOT for anyone who will be offended by “anything”. If you’re a “religious” person, this is not the film for you. Raw, raunchy, over-the-top, and sinful behavior is mostly what this film is about and it’s depicted quite well. In my opinion, this is Leonardo DiCaprio’s best performance to date! I loved him in ‘Titanic’ yet this is a totally different kind of film. Good chemistry and acting by an ensemble cast (honorable mention of Jonah Hill). This film is depicted from a TRUE story about the life of Jordan Belfort. Leonardo definitely deserves all award nominations for his portrayal of Jordan and I hope he wins the Oscar. ALERT: This film is NOT for children or teenagers that accompany adults that you don’t want exposed to what will be shown on screen.

4.5 stars out of 5
R 180 mins. – Biography | Comedy | Crime
#Wolf #TheWolfOfWallStreet

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‘Don Jon’ Movie Review


I saw this movie about three weeks ago and have discussed it with other advance screeners to find out if they felt the same as I did. Most of the people I talked to liked the movie; only a few didn’t. I’m amongst the few that didn’t like this movie. Yes, the premise is about a man who is addicted to watching porn. I was totally negatively distracted by all the porn in the movie, therefore, I couldn’t connect to the character having an addiction… a sex addiction. There are a few funny family scenes that Tony Danza is in. In the end the main character learns the true meaning of love making.

1 star out of 5
R 90 mins. – Comedy | Drama

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