‘Eye in the Sky’ Movie Review


The consequences of war is really what this movie is about. Unfortunately, innocent bystanders get in the middle of good government trying to stop terrorist acts. The storyline is quite engaging and emotional and shows the steps of government it sometimes takes to stop terrorists (even a little humor) but in the end a beautiful little girl’s life is put at risk to stop evil. A very sad ending. I believe this is Alan Rickman’s last film. Another #GOT regular is in this film, Iain Glen.

3.5 stars out of 5
Eye in the Sky (2015)
R | 102 min | Drama, Thriller, War | 1 April 2016

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‘Captain Phillips’ Movie Review

capt phillips

One of the best films (true story) that I’ve seen this year. Yes, Tom Hanks definitely deserves an Oscar nomination. Even with this being a true story it needed to capture my attention and make me believe that this is happening for the first time; it did. The acting from the Somali pirates (the main two) was quite convincing. Barkhad Abdi portrayed, Muse and Mahat M. Ali portrayed, Elmi…their acting was crisp and riveting. This is a great film and I highly recommend it. By the way, as usual, the Navy Seals ROCK!!!!

5 stars out of 5
PG-13 134 min – Biography | Crime | Drama

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