‘Detroit’ Movie Review

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INTENSE and it’s a hard movie to refer people to go and see.  Based on true accounts from the 1967 riot in Detroit this movie focuses on the murders of three young men at the Algier’s motel.  Is the movie totally factual?  No.  I had a quick conversation with  a relative of Fred Temple’s and the movie does not tell the story of what actually happened and I noticed a couple things that didn’t tie in well.  What’s important about this movie is that it depicts a big part of history that I wasn’t as aware of as I thought.  I was sad, angry and drained all at the same time.  The worst thing about the movie is that the same senseless murders by police officers are still happening in 2017 and even with modern technology from cell phone videos etc… bad cops are still getting away with murder.  Not all cops are bad cops…I know of good ones.  I believe there will be Oscar nominations as this movie had stellar performances.

5 Stars out of 5
R | 2h 23min | Crime, Drama, History | 4 August 2017
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