‘Captain America: Civil War’ Movie Review

Captain America Civil War banner

I’m a Marvel fan, therefore, this is a winner-winner! I consider this movie an ‘Avengers’ movie because so many of them are in this one and a couple new ones (to the big screen) are introduced. The fight scenes are epic and it’s hard to choose a side. I went in undecided on which team I was on #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan If you’re an ‘Avengers’ fan you’ll love this one. There’s lots of humor. If you can see it in IMAX 3D, I’d recommend it! As usual, don’t leave until the screen goes black…there are two end credit scenes. P.S. I liked the new characters of #BlackPanther and #Spiderman (there independent movies should be great).

5 stars out of 5
PG-13 | 146 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 6 May 2016
#CaptainAmericaCivilWar #CaptainAmerica

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‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Movie Review

capt america banner

Firstly, THERE ARE TWO (2) END CREDITS SCENES – DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL THE SCREEN TURNS BLACK. Now, lol, I really did enjoy the second installment to the ‘Captain America’ franchise (much better than the first). There’s a lot of action from all the main characters and Nick Fury is finally in an entire Marvel movie. If you’re a Marvel fan, you will enjoy this movie. Lastly, the Winter Soldier is a total “bad butt”; he’s a formidable enemy.

P.S. I wish other Avengers would call on each other when they need help, lol. I would have loved to see Iron Man show up in this one, IJS.

5 stars out of 5
PG-13 136 min – Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
#CaptainAmerica #WinterSoldier

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