‘The Addams Family’ Movie Review

addams family

This animated version of a television show that I watched as a child (which was already an old show on tv 🙂 is the best thus far. I laughed at all the ghoulish comedy and silly horror. Fun and funny for all to enjoy.  I saw it in 3D and it was great!

4 stars out of 5
PG | 1h 27min | Animation, Comedy, Family | 11 October 2019


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‘The Wedding Ringer’ Movie Review

Wedding Ringer banner 2

This is a funny laugh-out-loud movie. Great dancing from both lead actors, Kevin Hart and Josh Gad. They’re characters have great chemistry which leads to them developing a bro-mance, lol, in a “business” arrangement. Doug (Josh) hires Jimmy (Kevin) to be his best man and bestie leading up to his wedding. Lots of funny scenes leading up to the wedding day. Old school football players add to the humor. There are raunchy scenes so don’t take the younger tween. Get ready to get your “dougie” dance together, lol.

4 stars out of 5
R 101 min – Comedy
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‘Think Like a Man Too’ Movie Review

think like a man too banner

Here’s a Summer sequel that’s hot! I so enjoyed the continuation of the characters of this movie. Lots more jokes that the original film that is depicted from Steve Harvey’s book’ “Act Like A Lady – Think Like A Man”. All of the actors are back to show us how their relationships have developed. There’s a sort of music video that the girls perform to the old school song “Poison” by BBD (Bell, Biv, DeVoe) that is very funny! NOTE: There’s an end credit scene…WAIT TILL THE SCREEN GOES BLACK. I understand there’s a soundtrack that primarily features Mary J. Blige (I loved the soundtrack from the first film).

4 stars out 5
PG 13 106 min – Comedy
#TLAM2 #ThinkLikeAManToo

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‘Baggage Claim’ Movie Review

baggage claim banner pic

This is a large and mostly well known ensemble cast romantic comedy movie with a mediocre storyline. There are laughs (especially Tia Mowry’s character) yet there could have been more depth to the characters and overall movie. A soft start for David E. Talbert in film making (he’s well known for his Plays) yet he’s finally getting his start.

3 stars out of 5 (a generous 3 stars)
PG 13 96 min – Comedy

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