‘Almost Christmas’ Movie Review


Famous playwright David E. Talbert’s new Holiday themed movie with an ensemble cast hits the big screen this weekend. Lots of laughs with almost as many scenes with profanity (if you’re taking children). Will Packer is a producer on the movie and we know his projects usually fare well. This is probably not a classic Christmas movie but it’s worth checking out; I may see it again.

4 stars out of 5
PG-13 | 1h 52min | Comedy, Drama | 11 November 2016

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‘Riddick’ Movie Review

Riddick banner

Well Sci-Fi fans we finally have a film that’s a must see! ‘Riddick’ delivers big time. Vin brings back everything we love about this character. It’s a solid storyline that keeps you engaged with the action scenes and scenery; some gory and intense scenes. This movie does tie in the previous two movies ‘Pitch Black’ from 2000 (which I haven’t seen) and ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ from 2004. I saw the movie in IMAX and it was FABULOUS! So I highly recommend the upgrade if you can. I was surprised to see Keri Hilson (singer) in the movie…good look for her.

5 stars out of 5 stars
R 119 mins – Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

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