‘Eternals’ Movie Review

A brand new crew to the MCU world is being introduced in this film. Ten were introduced yet they don’t all survive this film. Because I’m not a comic book enthusiast, I knew/know nothing about the Eternals. I’m glad Thanos attack and the war against him was acknowledged (why didn’t they help?) There were back stories of each character yet I’m still a bit unclear of the intention of a few of them. And, Thanos’ brother is introduced…and “John Snow” of G.O.T. is introduced firstly quite human but that changes, lol. Not much of Dane in this film yet I couldn’t imagine John Snow (Kit) not having a bigger role. So, I look forward to seeing the continue journey of this crew and how eventually they will mesh with The Avengers (or at 3 of the Eternals). I saw it in IMAX which was great! Yes, there are 2 end credit scenes and both are great!

4 stars out of 5


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