‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Movie Review

It was great catching a Disney film in the theatre! Big bold lush colors on an E-Max screen. The storyline was engaging and kept me entertained. Fun for the entire family to enjoy together. You can also watch this film on Disney+ for an up-charge or watch it endlessly on June 4th. There’s a cute short-film as well, ‘Us Again’.

4 stars out of 5

PG | 1h 54min | AnimationActionAdventure | 5 March 2021 (USA)


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‘Tammy’ Movie Review

Tammy banner

I’m glad I didn’t expect much before seeing this movie because I ended up liking it. I enjoyed the comedy yet the movie tried several times to delve into serious drama issues which was a hard transition in my opinion. There’s a really good ensemble cast who mostly have small roles yet I enjoyed seeing a few faves of mine. I am becoming a fan of Melissa McCarthy big screen films and let’s see if she can keep ’em coming. Not a great Summer popcorn flick yet it’s not bad.

3 out of 5 stars
R 96 min – Comedy

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