‘Angry Birds’ Movie Review

The angry birds banner

I’ve never played the game so I’m sure quite a few things related to the game went straight over my head. Overall, I liked the movie that’s family friendly. Lots of laughs and pretty good in RealD 3D.

3 stars out of five
PG | 97 min | Animation, Action, Comedy | 20 May 2016

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‘The Gunman’ Movie Review

The Gunman banner

I enjoy a good action/crime/drama movie and this film had it’s highs and lows (with slow scenes). If you’re a Sean Penn fan, then I think you’ll find it mediocre at most. The storyline is not cut and dry so it was boring to me. Idris Elba is in the movie but it’s a really small part.

2.5 stars out of 5
R | 115 min | Action, Crime, Drama

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