‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Movie Review

I remember how excited I was to see ‘Star Trek’ in 2009 with no expectations of the franchise from previous movies (which I don’t think I’ve ever watched any of them in entirety) or the TV shows (which I was a big fan of ‘..Next Generation’). I may need to see ‘Into Darkness’ again because it was good yet I wanted/expected more from a 4 year hiatus. It reminded me of a real good 2 hour plus long ‘Star Trek’ telvision episode with no commercials. Well, that is good but I remember saying after the 2009 film….”that was great!”. Spoiler alert: I wanted a much longer scene or screen time with the Klingons (that’s who we remember most as the enemy, lol, at least I do). Khan made a formidable enemy yet I was expecting bigger and better. I saw it in 3-D yet to me it didn’t add anything to the movie. I would suggest 2D (save your money). You will see one cameo from the original TV cast yet once again with this movie; I don’t know why ALL of the originals can’t/won’t make a cameo appearance (to bring nostalgia and/or connection etc.. to this younger generation of their characters). J.J. Abrams needs to work on getting a cameo of all of them in the next movie and more of the Klingons.

PG-13 132 minutes long (skip the 3-D); probably great visuals in IMAX. Entertaining with good comedic lines yet I left feeling something was missing.

3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars

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