‘R.I.P.D.’ Movie Review


I didn’t know what to expect, therefore, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a decent Summer time popcorn movie. The storyline totally reminded me of M.I.B. Jeff Bridges definitely carries the movie and he’s pretty funny. This is the 2nd of two new movies that Ryan Reynolds is starring in this weekend (‘Turbo’ is the other). Jeff and Ryan’s characters (Roy and Nick) are policemen of sorts returning deado’s to face justice and go to their earned eternity place of residence. Roy & Nick don’t appear on Earth as they looked in their previous lives; their new bodies are hilarious. I wasn’t aware Kevin Bacon (I’m a fan of his) was in the movie until he popped up; good casting. Overall, entertaining. I saw it in 3D and thought it was pretty good. Also, this is the 2nd of two new movies that Mary-Louise Parker is co-starring in this weekend.

3 stars out of 5 stars
PG 13 96 min – Action | Comedy | Crime

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