‘Thor: The Dark World’ Movie Review

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Thor is back! Another great Marvel movie…what more can I say. Chris H. rocks again as Thor; great action scenes; good villians and a funny cameo of another Avenger. Definitely worth checking out. Idris Elba is a fave of mine and he returns in his role as, Heimdall. I saw it in 3D yet I didn’t think it added anything spectatular to the movie (save your money). Don’t forget, as usual, END credit scenes(S)…that’s right TWO end credit scenes. Make sure you stay until the screen turns BLACK, lol. Enjoy!

4.5 out of 5 stars
PG-13 112 mins – Action | Adventure | Fantasy

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‘Rush’ Movie Review

rush 2

Most will think this movie is geared towards men…NOT…I totally enjoyed this movie and seeing Thor (Chris Hemsworth), he has a nude buttock scene, lol. Seriously, the script is solid and the acting is good. This is a true story about two race car drivers that had a serious rivalry. All of the characters are engaging and if you’re unfamiliar with race car drivers, you are engaged enough to want to know more. Ron Howard does a great job directing this movie (as he normally does). Definitely worth checking out. A few somewhat gory scenes.

4 stars out of 5
R 123 mins – Action | Biography | Drama

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