‘Coming 2 America’ Movie Review

The 33 year sequel is finally here. ‘Coming to America’ is a classic, therefore, I won’t compare the two. I am glad that there are several references to the original film. It was so nostalgic watching this movie and I did laugh out loud several times. The new comers aren’t bad at all (including Eddie’s daughter portraying his on-screen daughter); the gathering of comedic appearances is priceless. The reprise of Sexual Chocolate and the barbershop gang is hilarious. There’s an end credit scene after all credits. What’s missing? a full theatre of fans watching together and laughing. Shown only on Amazon Prime Video. BTW, Wesley Snipes cracked me up. and John Legend does a great song tribute at the end. Lastly, lol, I was sad that Eriq La Salle didn’t have a cameo (Soul Glo).

4.5 stars out of 5

PG-13 | 1h 50min | Comedy | 5 March 2021 (USA)

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‘Chi-Raq’ Movie Review

Chi Raq banner

I haven’t liked or enjoyed a Spike Lee film in many years. I was so leery to see this movie but I must say the premise of the storyline and the message makes this a movie of Spike’s that I’ve enjoyed in a long time (believe it or not). Now, there’s so much sex and vulgar language that you may not be able to focus of the message. A lot of the dialogue is spoken in “riddle form” so it helped me to focus on the words and the message. A great ensemble cast with Nick Cannon doing a pretty good job; Jennifer Hudson has a small role yet most of it she spends crying about a tragedy; John Cusack also has a good performance. Quite controversial referring to Chicago as an “Iraq” type land yet the statistics stand for themselves.

3.5 stars out of 5
R | 118 min | Drama

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‘The Expendables’ Movie Review

Expendables 3 banner

The testosterone filled movie plus one chick this time, is back! The cast is bigger with younger kick-butt characters. I don’t expect much of a storyline from this franchise so overall I enjoyed it as much as the first two film. It’s a shoot ’em up bang bang movie. Antonio Banderas is a good add; as his humor was funny…Wesley Snipes not so much, lol (his character development needs some help). I like seeing a lot of the old school and now new school action heroes together on the big screen. This is a “guy’s” movie so most females may not like it yet I did.

3 stars out of 5
PG 13 126 min – Action | Adventure | Thriller
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