‘Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Movie Review

Here we are with another (real) Marvel movie, lol. I’m such a big fan of the original Avengers. So, this film is so vividly stunning (especially in IMAX 3-D) that you get pulled into this spinning multiverse, lol. The storyline is easy follow, yet a new character appears in the beginning (maybe I need to watch the last Dr. Strange movie again) that I wasn’t familiar with. There are surprise appearances of other Marvel characters that was (loud applause) and I didn’t recognize a couple of them (this is for the comic book fans). A little spooky but not scary. Of course, there are 2 end credit scenes, stay until the screen goes black (the 2nd one isn’t worth waiting for). SURPRISE: there’s a 3-d trailer for ‘Avatar’…that was a nice surprise as I hadn’t heard about it.

4 stars out of 5 (a little bit a of lower rating for a Marvel movie for me, but I enjoyed it).


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